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The basics of puncture repair services at our company. It is important to take good care of your tires, otherwise you could end up with a puncture. Punctures are caused by many things, but one common reason is incorrect tire pressure. Pressure above the manufacturer’s suggested level will cause a slight rebound while driving, which in turn will weaken traction and increase the chances of hitting an obstacle in the road that could puncture the tire. When the tire pressure is too low, the more the tire touches the road. This increases friction, which could cause the tires to overheat and cause them to burst. Another reason for a puncture can be a damaged valve stem, the component that allows the tire to fill with air. The tires can also be simply worn out, allowing air to escape. All of these conditions can cause a flat tire while driving. We offer great discounts on my tire washing services and you will surely like them.

Why have punctures repaired by us?
If you have a flat tire while driving, come to a stop immediately in a traffic-free area. Driving with a flat tire can damage the wheels or completely lose control of the car. If it stops but finds that you cannot change the tire yourself, we can help. Our experienced tire repair staff in the wash have equipped me with the right tools to replace your flat tire with a spare. We provide the best tire washing service and you should definitely pay us a visit.

If you have parked in rough terrain, place a block behind the tires you are not changing and level the jack with the support material before lifting the vehicle.
Remove the fins.
Remove the flat tire.
Fit the spare wheel.
Reposition the cable lugs. Try to tighten each terminal evenly to keep the replacement part mounted evenly.
Lower the jack.
Another turning point. With the vehicle on firm ground, the escort may have moved. Give each flap another twist to be sure.
Walk away SLOWLY.


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